Vision-Board Workshop


Most of us have goals and dreams that we’d like to pursue in our lives but just haven’t taken the steps to do so. Our daily activities keep us so occupied that we have little time to intentionally get clear about what we really want to create in our life. Well, there’s a very effective tool that can help you visualize and gain clarity with intention: Vision Boards.


As someone who has made my own Vision Board, I’ve learned that it’s more than just pasting pictures onto a poster board. Many people are finding that Vision Boards allow them to visually focus on their dreams and in doing so will attract their ideal outcomes. That’s why I’m leading my MANIFESTING YOU VISION-BOARD WORKSHOPS to give you an opportunity to clearly focus, define your dreams and attract your ideal outcomes to you!







*A way to calm and clear your mind of clutter and internal noise that keeps you from clarity. (Time to let go).


*Space and time to be intentional about your ideal outcomes (Tap into your dreams).


*Network and connect with like-minded peers (No judgment and negativity allowed).


*All the tools you need to create your own powerful vision board (I have the materials you need).


*Encouragement! Empowerment! Fulfillment!



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